Share of search is why Amazon Media Group is now bigger than Youtube

Cynthia Luo
Jun 7, 2022

How has Amazon's ad business exploded in only a few years? Because unlike Facebook, a brands' ability to reach consumers across its ad properties is "largely unchanged" after Apple's changes and search is powerful as it sits at the bottom of the marketing funnel.

To measure the success of an Amazon ad, brands zoom into SOS (Share of Search). It allows online sellers to understand how much shopper attention they're capturing for a general, category or brand keyword.

Epsilo Share of Search report


Just how powerful can SOS be to making business decisions? 


Epsilo took a look at a popular diaper brand and found a C2C seller on Shopee captured 46% of total share of search for Christmas Day last year vs the Official Store and competing official brands.

We also discovered search volumes for the diaper brand jumped late in the evening after 6PM and early morning around 4AM and 5AM.


A few questions should pop into your mind as a business owner: 

  • Are you bidding for your own brand keyword and ranking #1 as an always-on strategy?

  • Is your shop in shop optimised to capture these late night shoppers?

  • Do you sell in a relevant category? This means it's a smart to be running promotions in the window this audience is most active

Data is powerful. Contact us to learn more about share of search and how to use the insights to drive your online strategy. 


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