Ready for a Big Campaign? Optimise In-Platform Ads with this Checklist

Cynthia Luo
Jan 5, 2022

Here we go, we've entered the teasing period for the biggest campaign of the year - Double Eleven.

This is a critical period for online businesses because generated sales can either propel you closer to year end targets, or lead to sky high ad spend trying to beat competition tanking your ROAS. This is why it's important to plan which marketing channels drive the highest returns, which periods require high product visibility and how to plug holes where ad spend is wasted.

Luckily, we've got a 20 item checklist for in-platform advertising optimisation to ensure you and your ecommerce team are on track.

This list of 20 action items will ensure online sellers are setting up their in-platform ad operations and campaigns correctly to optimise ROAS and ads GMV. The items are divided into four cohorts: Plan, Activate, Monitor & Optimise.

Each item is listed as a prompt. Some examples below:

  1. What are the SKUs to prioritise and what are your Opportunity SKUs? These should products with low PV but high CR
  2. What's your ad spend allocation between teasing and campaign days?
  3. Do you have sufficient stock to meet GMV targets? What happens when these SKUs go OOS?

Download the checklist here. (Ensure you're using Epsilo features to automate these manual tasks!).

Reach out to Epsilo here to understand how we can help you optimise your ecommerce ROAS with software.

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