Product Feature Spotlight: #INTRADAY

Cynthia Luo
Jan 5, 2022

Google recently released their annual eConomy report about the ever changing digital evolution in Southeast Asia.

For the first time, Google emphasized the importance of digital tools to help digital merchants make $1T GMV SEA in 2030 a reality.

The pandemic has fundamentally shifted not only shopper behavior but also the behaviors of an online merchant. Here are the key takeaways:  

🛒 Selling online is the norm

🚀 Digital merchants list their products across 4 to 5 platforms.

💻 Digital tools are integral to efficient everyday operations.

Collaboration, 📈 Analytics, ⚙️ Operations, and 📢 Marketing software are 4 out of 6 tools merchants will increase the usage of over the next five years.

But to sell successfully online, just having shoppers online and an online shop isn’t enough. Sellers in emerging markets have layers of complexity to solve in order to scale: channel mix conflicts, margin vs. revenue, purchasability vs. cash-flow, planning vs. execution, short-tail vs. long-tail catalog, insource vs. outsource, share-of-search vs. CPC, etc.

All these decisions take place across teams, marketplaces and mediums leaving digital merchants to essentially operate in #silos.

For the last two years, we at Epsilo have been building software to help digital merchants close the ecommerce execution-gap. During 11.11, Epsilo software automated over ⛳️ 797k decisions for our users across 13 marketplaces and contributed to 35% of total GMV.

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing new product features aimed at providing digital merchants the digital tools to grow across marketplaces.

A new feature called #INTRADAY enables hardcore operators to execute at scale with data driven insights. As a seller, there are so many metrics and KPIs to evaluate in a single day. #INTRADAY allows marketers, ecommerce managers, P&L owners to understand things like product and competitor share of search, product reviews, selling price, items sold, and set rules to automate thousands of tasks with a single click.👇🏼

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Thanks for the trust you put in us always, clients and Epsilions 🙏🏻


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