New year resolutions for successful ecommerce businesses

Cynthia Luo
Jun 6, 2022

It’s funny to think back to the early 2010s when businesses - big and small - were hesitant at adopting ecommerce because the channel was untested and too high an investment. Now we’re at an inflection point where ecommerce is the norm, everyone has the expertise and the space is over saturated.

In order to stand out, in order to compete with the fierce competition and to reach a $1 trillion GMV economy in eight years predicted by Google - businesses need to adopt retail media, better internal processes, and most importantly digital tools. Whoever can run their ecommerce operations smarter, faster and at scale wins the customer’s awareness, click and most importantly, dollar. Here are some four quick resolutions to keep in mind with your team: 

  • Capture and serve the shoppers who prefer to browse and buy outside of business hours

  • Adopt tech or software to automate tasks performed on a daily basis such as data aggregation and stock management (reduce burn out)

  • Knock down communications silos between your finance, supply and ecommerce teams 

  • Spend less on advertising channels that don't achieve clear marketing goals or drive return on ad spend  

  • Actually...first ensure you're even measuring ROAS per channel & these other metrics

Need help achieving these goals? Reach out to your Epsilo account manager or contact us for more information.

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