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Cynthia Luo
Jan 5, 2022

2021 was a rare year where marketing budgets were naturally allocated to digital as stores closed their doors and bus stops remained bare. But as COVID restrictions are expected to ease next year, offline and online teams will need to compete for more marketing 💰. With less money to spend, the harder to reach increased sales targets & the further away that bonus sits.

How does a GM, Marketing & Ecom Director, or CEO decide where to invest?

ROI is the clear metric for P&L owners making 2022 budget decisions, yet only 16% of marketers are confident in their ability to measure ROI. Why? Because pre-pandemic, advertising spend was divvied up to various OOH, TV, print, email, Google, Facebook, and pricey agency fees.

It's difficult to prove ROAS when spend sits so far from the point of conversion. Looking into your company's tool box, which one can measure historical data back not only months but years to demonstrate trends? Which one can provide channel comparison to decide?  

Epsilo features were built to tackle the operational challenges faced by ecommerce sellers in emerging markets because regardless of company size, scaling pains are the same. Here’s a list (not exhaustive) of how Epsilo supports users:

1. Automation: powerful programmatic rules enable users to achieve business goals in less time and at greater scale. #RULES can be activated to manage Campaign, SKUs, Keyword Ads using a set of min and max spend/stock/price goals (ex. RULE #22: Increase bid to maintain SKU position in top five search rank for keyword “SKINCARE” but turn off if SKU goes out of stock).

2. Personalisation: Users can set up their workflows & their Epsilo dashboard based on individual business needs. The easy interface means users can start using the tool immediately after integration. Users can find standard functionalities loved in Excel and Google Sheets: freeze multiple columns, filters, etc.

3. Productivity: rich features such as #GROUP help users operate business efficiently to save time. Similar objects (Campaign, Keyword, SKU, etc) can be grouped to apply a single action (ex. Turn off ads at 2AM after the Midnight Big Bang).

4. Collaboration: ecommerce teams made of supply, marketing, business development and finance can collaborate with one another and external teams to see alignment on budgets and campaign set ups.  

5. Multi-channel: users can manage multiple storefronts across various marketplaces and countries to optimize campaigns to take quick action. This can also be done on mass if using #GROUP feature.

6. Data & Reporting: we keep data as long as is needed by the business and make it available for users to analyze their business performance using comprehensive metrics. Reports can be customized and scheduled for sharing across their organization for transparency.  

Whoever can clearly demonstrate their dollar drives the higher return gets a gift under the tree 🌲

Contact us for a free trial to see how Epsilo helps you grow online.

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