Manage all your marketplaces from one place

Sell on multiple channels

Connect all the marketplaces your products are listed on to one dashboard and start running campaigns for your products to appear on top of the search. Track your sales, ROAS, Ads GMV and other critical metrics across all marketplaces in one place to make your decision making process effortless through data.

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Discover keywords

Millions of products are listed in the same category as yours, thousands of keywords are used to search for products in the category. Finding the right keyword is essential to win the competition. Discover keywords that are relevant to you, your category based on real-time data and research.

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Automate operations

83% of items are sold outside of traditional business hours. Let Epsilo take actions on your behalf so you don't miss out on sales or waste ad spend. Automate the bidding process, turn off ads for out of stock products or ensure you rank on top for specific keywords by controlling the bid price programmatically.

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Optimize Profits

Control your daily and campaign level budgets on the platform and manage the assigned budget efficiently with bid increase and decrease optimization. You don't have manually adjust your sales promotion and advertising anymore. Set the budget, and a rule, your profits are optimized.

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The Epsilo team was agile in addressing our business needs and the in-platform marketing product helped us tremendously in driving higher ROAS

Karen Mak
Performance Media Director, Loreal