#DIGITALTOOLS: Getting back time and money with automation for your business

Cynthia Luo
Jan 5, 2022

Most businesses even to this day still operate with old school tools to run new business models like digital retail.

One of the top toy companies in the world set out to adopt #digitaltools to grow their ecommerce revenue across the top three marketplaces in Indonesia - Lazada, Shopee and Tokopedia.

Working with LEGO’s ecommerce enabler LuxAsia, Epsilo ecommerce optimisation software was used to manage their ad budget, boost operational productivity and define an online portfolio sales strategy based on shopper and store data insights.

After a short two weeks, LEGO saw ads GMV increase by 212%, ROAS increase by 63% and Clicks increase by 205% versus the prior month. With improved performance, the teams were confident to increase investment in ads while maintaining the ROAS.

Key actions taken to achieve the results:

  • Reallocation and optimisation of total ad budget across three ad types: Keyword, Shop and Targeting Ads
  • Automating over 73,000 operational actions such as campaign scheduling, objective setting and inventory management to save more than 100 man hours to allow the team to focus back to other parts of the business
  • Adding a budget cap to 100% active campaigns versus 0% (manages soaring CPCs)
  • Reducing wasted cost on low ROAS keywords & SKUs and activating #BidOptimisation

To improve campaign performance in the future, a #SKUReport was also generated to map one of three different actions to each SKU in the company’s online portfolio:

  1. Always on
  2. Push harder during Campaigns
  3. Consider additional investment (to optimise the bid and search position)  

Curious to learn how Epsilo ecommerce optimisation software can help your business grow? Contact us here.  

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